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Trilby hat, a timeless one!

Let us just begin by heating ourselves up: we must pronounce rightly triLBy [trilbi] and not "tribly" or "triby". Inescapable, it is one of the most fashionable hats of these last years. In a period when many are those who dare not adding a hat to their daily outfit, the trilby is still riding high!

"an excellent choice for those who are not used to wearing a hat'

Its rounded lines, its small size and its modern shape make of it a discreet and elegant hat at the same time. In the first buying intention, the trilby is then an excellent choice for all those who are not used to wearing a hat.

Discover here the history and characteristics of this timeless headdress.

The trilby: a simple, elegant and modern shape!

Forme du chapeau trilby

The trilby hat shape is very close to the one of its cousin, the Fedora. It is characterized by a short brim of 5 cm or less (against more than 6 cm for the Fedora). A pinched and lowered brim on the front which goes upwards towards the back. Lastly, its crown is slightly hollowed, creating the form of a teardrop.

"Its lowered visor structures the look"

Why would you choose the trilby hat? Thanks to its small volume, the trilby covers but dresses you in a blink of an eye! Its lowered visor structures your look and brings to the silhouette a subtle note of boldness and modernity.

The elegance and sobriety of the trilby give you the confidence of best the days!

The trilby: how to wear it?

Many answers can be proposed here! First of all, the trilby is appropriate for men and women, and even for children. Moreover, it can be combined with a business attire -- for example with a black suit, just like a gangster. On the contrary, it will also match with a casual dress, or even very relax...balancing the look.

"with a black suit, just like a gangster"

Wearing a hat is not necessarily a matter of routine and it can be added to that the fear of worrying too much! But the short brims of the trilby and its more discreet shape make it a small-dimensioned and less showy model.

"slightly leaning on the back of the head or on a side, for a more relax style"

In its style, the trilby is a rock, sober and elegant hat, at the same time. It enhances the silhouette and be worn 
slightly leaning on the back of the head or on a side, for a more relax style.

We do believe the trilby is the perfect compromise between relax style of a cap and the elegance on a long-brimmed fedora hat. Therefore, it perfectly fits a casual look (jeans, shirt, t-shirt) or a more formal outfit (suit or cardigan).

The Trilby: when to wear it?

On a walk or during a picnic, at work or at a party, you can opt for the timeless elegant trilby. For an arty or rather dandy style: we recommend you wear it straight or pinched.

Be confident and adapt it according to your rebellious or classic personality!

The trilby: an all-season hat!

As said above, the trilby model is a hat of all times and of all trends. Adaptable, elegant and discrete, it's a very useful choice to combine with all outfits. And whatever the temperature! Thanks to its different materials (linen, straw, felt) and its multiple designs, it follows your mood according to the season. In summer, under the sun and with a UV protection. And in winter, under the cold and the rain with waterproof models.

The trilby: our morpho tips

We advise you to harmonize the length of the hat brim with the shape of your face (find all of our morpho tips here). For example, we recommend the trilby for those who have a thin, heart-shaped, oval, square, round...face. For larger faces, it's ideal if you choose a trilby with rather long brim or turn yourself, for example, towards the more classic fedora.

Bear in mind that the trilby will  soften your traits, disrupt the round shape of your face, or refine your charm.

Plus, it is a hat which will always bring its stylish and authentic touch to your dress, and under any climate.

Michael Jackson, Rihanna..."they're all wearing a trilby!"

Michael Jackson Trilby

The trilby is a very popular hat, above all amid the showbiz. Symbol of elegance and of refinement, the music has been seized by a passion for this model.

"The showbiz star"

The trilby win unanimous support from many pop musicians, jazzmen and even TV stars. Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Omar Sy, Rihanna and even Jamel Debbouze have all been seduced by its shapes.

The Blues Brothers' reference

Blues Brothers Trilby

The Trilby hat is also one of the inescapable elements of the outfit of the Blues Brothers, that mythic blues band that was created in the 70s, in the USA. The black trilby was then the element that represented the perfect final touch of their irreproachable outfit.

For those celebrities, each of them with a different face shape, the trilby punctuated and sublimated a style, with ease. It pushed to the maximum the refinement of their style or the lightness of their clothing expression in order to beam with softness and simplicity.

The trilby: inescapable for more than a century now!

Since its creation, the trilby "traveled through time" brilliantly. It was in 1895, on the theater boards, when it appears for the first time, at the adaptation of the eponymous novel of George Maurier : "Trilby". Its name refers then to the one of a young female worker, Trilby, one of the main characters.

Origine du trilby

At that time, the play won a great success. And the specially created headgear for the young hero got adopted by the audience and unanimously named trilby.

The model rapidly knew to seduce and to pass the time, without never deviating from its line. Since then, the trilby hat makes the beautiful days of the fashion world. It is an inescapable model within the headgear world! Its elegance, its charm and its various uses still participate in its aura and appeal.

The trilby in a word: indispensable in your wardrobe!

The trilby hat is one of the most "chameleon" to accompany your outings and your activities of any types. In fact, trendy accessory with a large range of materials, the trilby model never fails, be it in winter or in summer.

The trilby is endowed with a vintage and modern note at the same time. Widely democratized amidst men and women, it has seduced all those wearing-hat heads. It is appropriate for young and even less young people!

The trilby hat is an indispensable headdress but also a sublime gift idea to all those beloved ones...

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